Our Blog is now Three!

Antique ClockCheck us out at DashKitten.com where we have a more up-to-date site and keep in touch with our many lovely friends. We are currently smartening our blog up a bit too!!

Harvey, Miranda and Silver

Paw It Forward Commentathon and Blog Hop

Savannah's Paw Tracks


pizap Ms Savvy Do

I hope you have noticed I have been doing some redecorating around my blog and my other social media presences.  And I am showing off my new digs with a Paw It Forward Commentathon and Blog Hop!



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Why the need to redecorate you ask???

I want to re-commit to serving as a voice for cats, dogs and other animals who do not have a voice as loud, nor a meow as strong, as all of you have graciously enabled me to possess.

The former subtitle to my blog “Autobiography of a Former Shelter Cat” was too limiting, given all the things I have been doing for the last year or so.  When Mom L  suggested to me that my subtitle might limit how prospective followers see my blog…I did one of those *paw slap to forehead* moves…Whap!!  “I…

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